that one succubus chick.

I love this. 
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Anonymous sent: If it's ok to ask, what type of frames (glasses) do you have? Also you're very pretty and your artwork is awesome! Keep it up! :) <3

It’s perfectly fine anon! Honestly I don’t know what type this is, I got my frames from Sears 3 years ago, they are really nice and have little diamonds on the side with floral patterns, sorry I can’t give anymore info! Thank you so much sweet anon, if I knew who you were I’d smother you with lots of love and kisses! <3 

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Laying down the groundwork for future tutorials on the subject.Support me on patreon for weekly psds and videos!
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This is great I love doxy&#8217;s stuff, gonna just leave it here for fellow artists! 
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Thanks guys.

I wanna quickly take a moment to say thank you so much for the messages I received last night, my inbox exploded about my Sorasha picture I did in her new gear. I was practicing more mature faces since I was sick and it means a lot to me that so many reacted positively. I also got a ton of offers, in my inbox here, anddd some messages on game about it. Currently I am not taking commissions getting caught up over the last month of what I owe- and then maybe June/July I might be taking special offers! So if you are interested in them please keep a eye out- I will keep you guys posted! 

I will delete this post later in case tumblr devoured some of the messages/offers I got last night. 

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So this is a small gift for nelonewolffe because I really do enjoy his character Charlotte, as I have mentioned before I have a thing for dark tan skin and or blue skin with light hair&#8230; Anyway I figured since I&#8217;m practicing more mature faces, I&#8217;d give her a go! (ALSO OMG SHE&#8217;S CHUBBY HELLOOO HOTTIE)
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Step aside bitch, I&#8217;m the only ace here.
Felt like drawing something spicy and feisty! Look out she might snap. 
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Who&#8217;s been keeping track of my XIV life?&#8230; 
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Little drawing of steffydoodles FFXIV character Sorasha &lt;3

You guys,
Look what the most beautiful girl in the world drew for me. It&#8217;s so gorgeous I can&#8217;t stop staring at Sora&#8217;s gorgeous eye&#8217;s.Thank you for including me in your gorgeous watercolor paints. I feel honored! ❤
If you guys aren&#8217;t following Aini, you should do so her stuff is just gorgeous.
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